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About PT. Dwi Unggul Abadi

We are a membrane structure specialist located in North Serpong - South Tangerang. Our principle is "We value our clients by providing the best membrane roofing material products with careful calculations" We collaborate with well-known manufacturers of membrane roofing materials such as SIOEN (Belgium), Serge Ferrari (France), Verseidag (Germany), Sattler (Austria), HEYtex (Germany), and AGTex (Indonesia)

so that clients get many choices according to their needs.



To be the leader in the tensile membrane industry with

focuses on client satisfaction and safety.




Providing the best tensile membrane structure results through a careful design, analysis, and calculation process to establish long-term relationships and build a reputation for being the most superior.

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Our Workflow

We have two types of workflows : design workflows and fabrication workflows.

Dwi Unggul Abadi


Form finding is the process of searching for shapes using physical models, computational simulations, and mathematical calculations to achieve optimal and structurally balanced forms.

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Membrane Analysis


Structure Analysis

Analyze membranes to determine the appropriate material weight and structural analysis to ensure the flow, distribution, and impact of loads on the structure.

Steel pipe


The process of manufacturing pipes from steel materials through steps such as cutting, welding, bending, and joining to create pipe products that meet specifications and customer requirements.

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Membrane Fabrication

Print a 1 : 1 pattern using a plotter machine. Then, weld the membrane using the high frequency or hot air methods and put accessories.


Our Team Profile

Our architectural team has attended membrane roof structure training in Jakarta in 2013 and Pattaya, Thailand in 2014, conducted by a Professional Structural Engineer. To date, we have designed dozens of projects, with our largest being the Larona Canal in South Sulawesi, covering an area of 23,840 m2.


The head of our membrane roof structure team has been working with steel structures since 1990. With extensive experience, we can ensure their reputation in leading and managing construction activities to meet physical, time, and quality targets as planned.


Our membrane roof team leader has had experience since 2011. Working with membranes requires specific skills and knowledge, as they differ significantly from other roofing materials.

Tell us about your membrane roofing project today.


We will make it happen.

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